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After Hours Services

24/7 Call Out Service After Hours Call Out Service

We offer a rapid response call out service for all of our clients, in addition to our Annual Fire Safety Inspection and Maintenance Services. 

If you require one of our technicians, after normal business hours please call 02 9948 4494 and you will be directed to our After-Hours Technician who is always available to assist you with the issue you are experiencing. 

 * Call Outs are billed in addition to any maintenance contract and after hours rates will apply outside of normal business hours. 

If you require Emergency Services to attend to a Fire Emergency within your property, please contact 000 directly. We do not offer Emergency Services in the case of a fire. 

Call Us

02 9948 4494

If a Fire Safety System is experiencing a failure or has been damaged and requires urgent attention, you can call us at anytime on 02 9948 4494 or email to organise a technician to attend your property, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether your Smoke Alarm has started beeping, the Fire Panel within your Building is chirping, your Fire Door is jamming, or the Fire Hydrant System has started leaking, we can urgently attend to all system failures and provide effective solutions to resolve the problem.

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