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Routine Fire Maintenance Services

Test, Inspect and Certify.

At Profire we specialise in the Routine Testing of Fire Safety Equipment under Australian Standards (AS1851) BCA and EPA Regulation, for AFSS, Insurance and Safety Purposes.

Routine Inspections

Our Certifiers and Auditors utilise their years of experience and knowledge to inspect and test all forms of fire safety equipment which may be present in your property, to the highest standards.  

Routine Inspections of Fire Safety Equipment are not only a requirement for most properties in Australia, both residential and commercial, but are also essential in ensuring that the Fire Safety Equipment within your property works when you need it the most.


Profire have over 40 years combined experience in testing, inspecting and certifying residential properties, commercial properties, hotels, hospitals, retail spaces, aged care facilities and more.

Under Australian Standards, Fire Safety Equipment is required to be thoroughly tested at least once per year. More complex Fire Systems, such as Fire Panels, Hydrant Pumps and Sprinkler Pumps require testing on a monthly basis. 

Our Ongoing Fire Maintenance Services include Routine Annual Fire Safety Inspections, Routine Bi-Annual Fire Safety Inspections and Routine Monthly Fire Safety Inspections.

Based on the Fire Safety Schedule for your property, as determined by your Local Council, we will advise which Routine Inspections your property is required to undertake. 

At Profire, we pride ourselves on providing Routine Fire Safety Inspections at affordable and competitive prices.


Our dedicated office staff will coordinate the required Fire Safety Inspections with your property's Managing Agent, take personalised booking requests from occupants and ensure a smooth fire safety inspection. 

Once we have undertaken the inspection of your property, our Head Certifiers will review the inspection results and produce a photographic report/defect repair quote, which highlights any system failures identified on-site. 

Our Defect Repair Quotations always offer cost-effective solutions for property owners which guarantee that the Fire Systems within their property are meeting Australian Standards, are operational in the case of an emergency, and take their individual needs into account.

Most importantly, our Fire Safety Practitioners can Certify all Fire Safety Measures both Level 1 and Level 2, without restriction on your Annual Fire Safety Statement. 

Get in touch with us today to request on Ongoing Fire Maintenance Proposal. 

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