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Smoke Alarm Testing 

Smoke Alarms and Heat Alarms are one of the most effective and commonly used fire detection systems worldwide, and there are a large variety of smoke alarms which are available on the market. 

Smoke Alarm Testing

Some of the types of Smoke Alarms and Heat Alarms Profire Install and Test:

240v Hard-Wired Photoelectric Smoke Alarms with 9v Back Up Batteries.

240v Hard-Wired Photoelectric Smoke Alarms with 10-Year Lithium Back Up Batteries.

10-Year Lithium Operated Photoelectric Smoke Alarms.

9v Battery Operated Photoelectric Smoke Alarms.

Wireless Interconnecting Photoelectric Smoke Alarms.

240v Hard-Wired Heat Alarms.

As your property is unique, the smoke alarm and heat alarm configuration within your property has to be tailor-made. Determining which type of smoke alarm is required to be installed in your property is our area of expertise. 

Our Certifiers specialize in assessing which type of smoke alarm, how many smoke alarms, and which smoke alarm configuration will best suit your property to ensure that your smoke alarms activate at the earliest possible detection of smoke whilst meeting Australian Manufacturing and Council Standards, BCA E2.2a, AS3786 and AS1851. 

During Profire’s Routine Fire Safety Inspections, we test all models of smoke alarms and heat alarms to check if they are correctly detecting and alarming at the earliest signs of smoke and have not exceeded their service life. 

We also offer 9V Back-Up Battery replacement services during Routine Testing, so you can be rest assured that your Smoke Alarm will activate in the case of an emergency.

If your Smoke Alarm or Heat Alarm fails standardized testing and requires replacing, our team of experienced technicians can install any type of smoke alarm, whether it be hard-wired, battery operated or there is a requirement for it to be wirelessly interlinked.

Get In touch today to ask about Smoke Alarm Testing and Repairs 

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